Apr 022013

We are delighted to show off our new Gekko mugs and teacups made by local potter, Kat Wheeler. Kat works for The Leach Pottery and has designed us these beautiful mugs.

Gekko Mug and Teacup made by local potter   Gekko Mugs and Teacups  Gekko Mugs and Teacups

We have been very excited about the whole process of the mugs from the initial design through to the firing. Sam and I went to The Leach Pottery to see them in their first stages and looked at a couple of different designs and glazes before deciding exactly what we wanted.

They were fired last week, the first guests to use them have been super impressed, saying the teacup makes ‘the perfect’ cup of tea! Some guests also went to visit The Leach Pottery as they were very keen to look at some other work.

You will find the mugs in your room to enjoy the selection of coffee and teas and at breakfast when you can start your day off with that ‘perfect’ cup of tea!

The Leach Pottery is located at the top of St Ives on Higher Stennack.

Thanks to Kat for the fantastic work!